App Store now allows you to report a scam or a fraud for an app

Apple improved an old feature and brought it back to iOS 15 where you can report a ‘scammy’ app on the App Store. This feature is however, *clears throat* only available in some countries.

Back then in the Stone Age, you could only report an app if you paid for it which meant that there was nothing to do if you found a scammy app on the App Store. Now you can report any app on the App Store until you have it installed on your device.

Scam Hunter, Kosta Elefthriou mentions in a tweet that Apple silently added an option to “Report a scam or fraud” in the drop down menu of the app.

Apple had announced the modifications in the Review guidelines back in June, which included being tougher on fraud, scams, and developer misconduct, TechCrunch noted at the time.

Image via 9to5Mac

Harmful apps found on the Store like VPNs that deceived customers into buying unwarranted software, bad dating apps, QR readers, and apps fraudulently alleging to be from major brands, the Washington Post disclosed earlier this year. The apps may have swindled users out of approximately $48 million, according to the Post's estimates.