An external display might be previewed at the new Apple Event

Just 48 hours prior to the first Apple event of 2022, Bloomberg’s Mark German revealed that Apple could perhaps prepare for the takeoff of a new Mac mini inclusive of a new external display preview alongside the iPhone SE 3 and iPad Air.

Rewinding to Friday, reports by 9to5Mac stated that Apple was possibly working on a new Studio Display with 7K resolution, before which rumors of an external monitor with the A13 Bionic were doing rounds.

However, speculations by Bloomberg’s journalist provide for a probable launch of an M2 or M1 Pro Mac mini. As quoted,

“I’m told from a developer source that Apple has been testing multiple Macs with a new chip in recent weeks that includes an eight-core CPU (four efficiency cores and four high-performance cores) and 10 GPU cores. Those are exactly the specifications of the M2 chip I detailed last year.
Apple has been testing this new chip on machines running macOS 12.3 (which should be released in the next week or two and run on the new Macs) and a future macOS 12.4, as well as macOS 13, which will be previewed in June at WWDC 2022.” (via 9to5Mac)

Finally, Gurman’s statement reports that the tech giant is putting the next Macs in store for the following months, which can most likely be May or at most, June.