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Amazon opens first physical store in Los Angeles

We just heard about Amazon launching its first physical clothing store! Named Amazon Style, it seems that rumors about this about a year ago didn’t actually turn out to be just rumors.

As Amazon reports, shoppers are meant to select their item, with the color and size if necessary, and send it to a pickup counter. The first store is yet to open in Los Angeles at The Americana later this year.

In addition to that, shopping recommendations can also be viewed while shoppers search the store for fashion brands apart from just Amazon products. Shoppers can also purchase items in the store itself, or they can save it to their collection in the app for later. Also, it is possible to use the app at find the desirable clothing before it gets shipped to the Amazon Style store for try it on.

Fitting rooms will contain touchscreens which will help customers request items to be brought to them. There’s also Amazon One at the stores, meant for payment of items by identity verification through the palm.

This high-technology based store lets customers to even open the doors of the fitting room through the app, each room provided with a touchscreen to request items which are arrive right at the room with Amazon’s all new top class tech.

Amazon says that despite being majorly reliant on mechanic automation, the Style store will have employees anyways, in order to deliver items to fitting rooms, assisting customers, processing payments and managing some other things.

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